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Core Trainer Suspension System

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Key feature: Mounting rings plus two connection straps allow for more targeted traning.


Milo Kit - Suspension Trainer


The Milo Kit is a two strap suspension system allowing it to be fixed from one to two fixed points. This allows a large amount of movements not easily available outside of the gym. With the Milo Kit, you can really challenge your clients with pushing, pulling, balance, endurance holds and much more. The Milo Kit Suspension Trainer is a very versatile piece of kit. All you need is somewhere to secure it indoors or outdoors and you have a highly challenging, fun and effective piece of kit.
  •  Includes instructional DVD, setup manual and exercise booklet
  • Travel bag & backpack
  • Resistance level marker
  • Two door anchors
  • Two adjustable straps
  • Two handles with foam grips and double foot supports
  • All strapping is industrial strength, tough and durable " Webbing for long life with stainless steel carabinas