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Octane Q35 Elliptical

The original Octane. Even better!


The original Octane elliptical just keeps getting better, delivering the form, function and results that exercisers want. The new Q35c features contact heart rate monitoring and an enhanced X-Mode workout booster to let you get even more out of your workout. From the natural fluid motion of Body-Mapping Ergonomics" and the QuadLink drive to the informative electronics and variety of pre-programmed workouts, this elliptical gets you moving and seeing results in no time.

Octane's signature workout boosters X-Mode, ArmBlaster and GluteKicker challenge and motivate you to even greater levels of effort. And the stationary handlebars include contact heart rate grips that let you conveniently and scientifically monitor and manage your workout.

This simple, straightforward elliptical provides exceptional performance and unbeatable value and outstanding results.

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