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Yoga Blocks

Get into yoga poses you couldn't with our large and lightweight blocks that have a good price yet have great quality. Lightweight for portability, you get the support you need. Extend your reach in your standing poses like Trikonasana and more. Light but durable materials mean these won't scratch and are resilient to whatever you put them through. Measuring 4" x 9" x 6" will make yoga accessible in all positions, for everybody. Blocks are used in many forms of yoga too, including Power Yoga. There are many ways to use blocks in your practice. Consider them an essential yoga tool. Order one or two for your class and home practice. Generally it is good to get a pair that are identical in dimensions and type.

  • Some yoga poses are not possible without yoga blocks
  • Lightweight for great portability
  • Scratch resistant and soft surface
  • Beveled edges and finished smoothly
  • Several colors available