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Vertical Master - Cord, Harness & Platform

Increase your vertical leap

Vertical Master - Cords, Harness, & Platform


Increase Your Vertical Leap!

The Stroops Vertical Master improves your vertical leap, develops balance, acceleration and push-off power. It works great for therapy or rehabilitation exercises. Will make athletes more explosive. Comes complete with base, harness and 2 resistance cords.



  • Great for all sports where leap is your winning edge!
  • Improves your vertical leap, Amazing Vertical Builder!
  • Develops balance, acceleration and push-off power
  • Great for therapy or rehabilitation exercises
  • 24" x 40" platform
  • Platform has a heavy gauge steel frame with 3/8" rubber top for cushioning
  • 4 Anchor points with adjustable straps
  • Platform weight: 43Lbs
  • Two 42" Resistance Cords
  • Adjustable Jumper Harness (One size fits all)
  • Portable, Use indoors or outdoors