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Octane Pro 4700

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Our best-in-class elliptical trainer, this all-new machine is loaded with Octanes signature, breakthrough features designed to satisfy every member.


O C T A N E  A D V A N T A G E S


  • Electronically adjustable stride
  • Converging Path & MultiGrip handlebars
  • Biomechanically correct pedal spacing
  • Stride length programs & indicators
  • Self-powered
  • Low step-up height


Pro4700Premium Performance

This new best-in-class elliptical is packed with Octanes breakthrough features that make it a fast favorite among health club members.

With electronically adjustable stride length from 18-26, exercisers can quickly customize for walking, jogging and running paces, and for striding backwards. And Octanes patented SmartStride interactive ergonomics monitor pace and direction and automatically adjust stride length accordingly.

The upper-body features dont get any better than the unmatched Converging Path handlebars that mimic natural movement and expand range of motion. Plus, the patented MultiGrip handlebars offer extra comfort, greater variety and more muscle use.

New workouts, like the challenging 30:30 interval program designed by the experts at Athletes Performance, help maximize motivation and results. Convenience and comfort are optimized with fingertip controls on the moving handlebars, soft grip pedals and a personal fan.

And clubs benefit big-time from self-powered, quiet operation; a compact footprint; an LCD screen mount option and incredible durability.