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Hostyle Training Gear

For Heavy Duty Training

Hostyle Conditioning Equipment now in Kingston

 Hostyle Training Gear Powerlifting Wrist Wraps are second to none.

The Strangulator and Convict Wrist Wraps are the strongest on the planet

Designed for ultimate wrist support and stability allowing you to handle massive poundages while maintaining better groove for all your pressing.

Whether you are power lifting, bench pressing, strongman training, or even crossfit using wrist wraps will improve your performance and protect your wrists.

Hostyle wrist wraps are the best, strongest

and toughest and that is why we sell them.

We produce the strongest, fittest people on the planet!!

The absolute BEST Wraps, Straps and Belts for heavy duty training!

Lose fat, build muscle, increase athletic performance.