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Medicine balls allow you to train the three planes of motion, which can result in a great reduction of risk of injuries such as the low back.

Slam Balls...a ball you slam. Simple enough, yet this little ball will amp up any workout. Don't have a heavy bag to take your frustrations out on, well this little guy gets the job done just fine.

Available In Store Only

Weight lifting/Power Lifting Chalk

Strength Bands are an incredible versatile tool for adding resistance to stretching, lifting, and bodyweight training exercises

Complete Core Training for the Abs, Back, and Obliques!

No other piece of equipment allows you to perform more effective, results producing exercises than a set of gymnastics rings. On Sale Now!!

Ideal for Crossfit and Functional Training

Mounts Permanently

Wood Gym Rings

2'x25' Natural

A new item to Fitness Solutions Kingston. The pop pin adjustment is super smooth, and the fully-welded 22" steel tubing and 24" x 18" base provide all the stability you could ask for. Lifting height adjusts from 40 1/4" up to 67 1/8".

Glute & Hamstring Developer