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Strength Training > Upper Body Specific

Save Your Neck!

Made Famous by Arnold

Fits most 2

Mounts Permanently

Adjustable width & Multi hand positions

Ideal for P90X!

Commercial Quality Wall or Ceiling Mount

Takes the dip station to the next level by adding multiple grip pull-up angles for a variety of exercise possibilities.

An important addition to anyones home gym system. Pulling exercises for the back and Biceps, pushdown exercises for the triceps, abdominal crunches, seated rows and many others make this option a must. Also see the Northern Lights (Free-standing) lat machines.

Perfect for the athlete who enjoys the time-tested basics. Push-ups , pull-ups, chin-ups, dips and abdominal work can all be performed on this unit. A variety of angles and handle positions keeps your fitness routine challenging.

Complete your well-equipped home fitness centre with this heavy duty lat machine. It offers users a huge variety of strength-building exercises. A foot support keeps you in position during seated rows, while lat bar hooks keep the wide-grip bar out of the way when not in use. Load on your own olympic or standard weight plates or choose the Selectorized version with the optional solid steel weight stack