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Strength Training > Lower Body Specific

Attaches to most all of the Northern Lights multi-purpose benches. Six contoured roller pads keep the muscles isolated and the exercise comfortable. Use with your own standard weight plates or purchase the olympic adapter to use olympic plates.

Building up size and strength in the lower leg is easy with this important addition to any weight room. With the users feet positioned on the non-skid platform, calf muscles are contracted and stretched through a full range of motion. Thigh pads are also adjustable and solid diamond-plate pads protect the painted foot platform.

Essential equipment for well-rounded lower body training. This dual-exercise, plate-loaded machine has an angled, dual Ergo-Tech pad configuration to place the user in proper position for both exercises.

Perfect for building up immense leg power, this multi-exercise machine uses sealed bearings for the smoothest operation possible. The lower foot plate and back pad angles are easily adjusted with spring-loaded pins, allowing a variety of exercise positions. Moving from squat exercises to leg presses is accomplished with only one adjustment. The feet press against a solid steel plate large enough to allow changes in foot position for exercise variety.
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Load up the weight! Smooth heavy duty linear bearing action. Use as a Leg Press or Hack Squat