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Torque Fitness F7 Strength Trainer
The F7 Fold Away Strength Trainer is a dual stack gym that offers true isolateral functional training in the smallest footprint available today.

Strength Bands
Strength Bands are an incredible versatile tool for adding resistance to stretching, lifting, and bodyweight training exercises

Grizzly Nylon Head Harness
Strengthen your neck muscles !

Grizzly Leather Head Harness
Great for neck strengthening exercises !

Seated Calf Machine
Building up size and strength in the lower leg is easy with this important addition to any weight room. With the users feet positioned on the non-skid platform, calf muscles are contracted and stretched through a full range of motion. Thigh pads are also adjustable and solid diamond-plate pads protect the painted foot platform.

Lat Pulldown Plate Loaded
Complete your well-equipped home fitness centre with this heavy duty lat machine. It offers users a huge variety of strength-building exercises. A foot support keeps you in position during seated rows, while lat bar hooks keep the wide-grip bar out of the way when not in use. Load on your own olympic or standard weight plates or choose the Selectorized version with the optional solid steel weight stack

Ultimate Strength Power Rack/Cage
Dip and Chin Options Included

Hammer Strength Leg Press
Black Upholstery/ White Frame

Life Fitness G2 Home Gym
Experience a variety of total-body exercises with the space-efficient G2 Gym System. This compact machine offers an easy-to-use, biomechanically-correct strength-training format  the equipment you need to achieve the results you want.

NL Blackcomb Home Gym
The Blackcomb Multi Gym offers traditional strength training exercises in a compact unit. You can do a variety of exercises including chest, shoulder and incline presses, lat pull downs, rows, leg curl, leg extension & many more. Swivel pulleys and cable travel allow for users to train in real-life movements.
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