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Build the home gym you've always dreamed of with the Precor Room Planner. Follow the directions below to get started.

2 Easy Options to Get Started

1. Launch the Room Planner and select from a pre-built room or create one of your own with your room dimensions. 


2. Custom design your own floor plan and drag and drop in your choice of fitness equipment.

We recommend Precor's custom fitness room design tool located here:

Icovia is a powerful online interactive room planner that allows you to plan your living spaces by arranging equipment and furnture to make sure it fits and experimenting with various layouts. Create single rooms or entire floor plans, manipulate walls and add plans, share them with others and create professional printouts of your designs. Icovia is the only space-planning tool youll ever need. Add the accessories like mirrors as well.

Some versions of Icovia even allow you to browse actual home furnishing products, view product details and drag and drop the items right onto your floor plan. These products are automatically sized to their actual dimensions allowing you to determine whether a certain piece of furniture will fit in your room. Buying fitness equipment has never been easier.